How to Brand Your Real Estate Website

How to Brand Your Real Estate Website

Your website is often the first impression clients get of your business, so the way you brand your real estate website is crucial. A well-branded website gives your business instant credibility, increases brand recognition, and generates new leads. And a poorly branded website can be chaotic or forgettable.

So today, the branding experts at Pinkpops Designs want to show you how to brand your real estate website to make a great first impression and help you land more leads!     

How to Launch a Real Estate Website

If you don’t already have a website (and, no, your broker’s site doesn’t count; it promotes the brokerage, not you), you have a few options for launching one. 

  1. Use a subscription service. Services like Easy Agent Pro and Agent Image offer semi-custom websites with low upfront costs. The downside is that the monthly payments can be steep. And your customization options are limited. 
  2. Hire someone to build your site. This can give you a top-notch site, but it can also be expensive. While you can easily find designers charging $5,000-$10,000, it’s also possible to get a quality build for under $1,000 from unexpected sources like Etsy shops. 
  3. Build the site yourself. With today’s tech solutions even non-techies can build professional-quality websites. Check out How to Build a Real Estate Website for a free step-by-step guide. Your site can be up and running in just 2-5 days!   


How to Brand Your Real Estate Website

With your website launched, we can get into the discussion of branding. Here are three expert tips for how to brand your real estate website.



You are your greatest branding advantage! You are unique, and you can use your website branding to attract people you will enjoy working with. 

Some agents are fun and goofy, and they understand that there is room for silliness, even in the business world. If your website reflects this, your prospective clients will know what to expect from you. And people who feel the same way you do about making real estate transactions fun will gravitate toward you.

Other agents are all business. They’re looking to build professional relationships, not necessarily friendships. Your website can focus on financials and success stories to convince buyers and sellers who are results-oriented that you’re the agent for them. 

Or maybe your defining characteristic is empathy. Real estate transactions can make buyers and sellers feel vulnerable, especially if they are first-timers or in a potential foreclosure situation. Your website should show these groups that you understand their pain points and can steer them toward a happy future



Your website design branding includes:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Design elements
  • Images
  • Your logo

Are you fun and outgoing? Do you want buyers and sellers to feel more like friends than clients? Make your branding light and friendly. Choose bold or warm colors. Add a funky accent font. Include candid photos of yourself, your family, and your pets.

All-business agents can choose classic fonts and colors that evoke trust in an established institution. Your photos should be professional, with a traditional headshot present on your about me page.

If you’re an empath, go with soft, warm colors. Maybe a classic script font for your accent font. Use photos of yourself sitting in a cozy space, looking directly at the camera to make a connection with your audience. 

No matter your branding personality, make sure your design is practical. The text should be easy to read, and the design should be clean.



The messaging and tone of your website are just as important as the design. Consider the content on your site: written text, videos, and images. How do they make your clients feel? Is that feeling consistent with the feeling they get from you in person? And from your social media presence?

The fun agent can be casual. Write your website text the same way you would speak to a friend.

The all-business agent can keep their messaging purely professional. You might even want to target real estate investors as your demographic. They are far more concerned with financials than the complicated feelings of making their life in a new home. 

Empathic agents should focus on their clients’ feelings. Enhance the positives while acknowledging the fears and stress that come with real estate transactions. Then explain how you can help make the process as seamless as possible. You might focus on first-time buyers who need some extra patience and understanding. You could also focus on sellers going through a difficult time: short sales, pre-foreclosure, divorce, or death in the family. Those groups need the support that only someone like you can offer. 



Now that you know how to brand your real estate website, don’t forget to match your other marketing materials for consistency. This will improve your brand recognition, helping locals remember you when they’re ready to buy or sell. Check out our Ultimate Real Estate Branding Checklist to make sure you’re establishing strong, cohesive branding across your entire business.

And if you need help with your marketing materials, Pinkpops Design has you covered! The real estate marketing items in our shop are beautifully designed, and ready to be used as-is. But with your purchase, you get the customizable design template so that you can change text, colors, images, and design elements to make sure your unique brand is perfectly reflected in all your marketing materials as well as your website. 

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