Top 30 Instagram Ideas for REALTORS®

Image: A collage of engaging Instagram posts, showcasing ideas for REALTORS® to enhance their social media presence and connect with clients.

We regularly hear from clients who are struggling to come up with Instagram ideas for REALTORS. Open House and New Listing posts will only get you so far.

Look at Instagram as an opportunity to engage regularly with members of your local community who will likely buy or sell in the future. Instagram lets you build relationships with these future clients over time. So you can post about a lot more than just listings!


Before we get into our big list of Instagram Ideas for REALTORS®, we need to cover the difference between posts, stories, and highlights for anyone who’s new to the platform.

Posts are the images you see on your feed. When you publish a post to your Instagram account, it remains visible on your feed forever (unless you go out of your way to delete it). Since posts stick around for a long time, you want a cohesive feel to your posts. Pre-planning your Instagram feed with beautifully branded images will give your profile an effortlessly polished vibe.

Stories, on the other hand, disappear after 24 hours. So these posts can be more casual and spontaneous. Stories are among the first items followers check because they know there’s a time limit on the content.

Highlights are for your best stories. By highlighting a story, you make it permanent (unless you decide to delete it in the future). Using branded highlight covers is a clever way to match your highlights to the feel of your Instagram feed.



Without further adieu, here are the top 30 Instagram ideas for REALTORS that work in both your feed and your stories:

  1. FAQs. Answer the most common questions you get from buyers and sellers.
  2. Promote upcoming events.
  3. Shout-out local businesses.
  4. Highlight local schools.
  5. AMA (Ask Me Anything). Invite your followers to ask you all their real estate questions.
  6. Poll your audience.
  7. Share photos of your family and/or pets.
  8. Point out an interesting fact about your town.
  9. Offer a market update.
  10. Share a behind-the-scenes look at your offer.
  11. Play “Would You Rather…” (like would you rather have a walk-in closet or a garden tub?).
  12. Give quick tips about the buying and selling process.
  13. Rank day trips from your town.
  14. Recommend vendors you trust (electricians, plumbers, etc.).
  15. Highlight the best photo op spots in town.
  16. Promote a local charitable organization.
  17. Thank your local educators.
  18. Host a giveaway.
  19. Post a quick video of the drive through your neighborhood.
  20. Offer home maintenance tips for each season.
  21. Celebrate holidays (even silly ones like National Bacon Day).
  22. Share real estate memes.
  23. Invite followers to your open houses.
  24. Provide useful checklists for buyers and sellers.
  25. Give quick video tours of your new listings.
  26. Celebrate closings with a photo of your clients signing docs or getting keys (with their permission, ofcourse).
  27. Offer home renovation ideas.
  28. Share home makeover photos.
  29. Highlight the recreational opportunities in and around town.
  30. Post testimonials from happy clients.

Level-Up Your Instagram

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