Unique Marketing Ideas for REALTORS®

Image: A creative brainstorming session with REALTORS® discussing unique marketing ideas to elevate their real estate business.

Marketing is everything for real estate professionals.

You could be the best real estate agent in the world, but if your marketing doesn’t reach buyers and sellers, you’ll never be a success in this industry.

And you’ve worked too hard to give up your dream simply because of poor marketing. 

So today, the branding experts here at Pinkpops Design want to get you excited about renewing your marketing efforts. With these five unique marketing ideas for REALTORS®, you’ll be able to stand out in your market and land new buyers and sellers in no time!

5 Unique Marketing Ideas for REALTORS

Here are our favorite unique market ideas for today’s REALTORS



Why send your clients and prospects a boring text message when you could send them an engaging textable instead? These beautifully designed graphics present the information your viewers need to know in a memorable way. You might send a textable to announce that you’re with a new brokerage. Or one to notify your sphere of your upcoming open house. You can even send a textable of the closing timeline to your buyers who just went under contract. There are so many options, and they all present your business in a professional light. You could even get a complete bundle of 25 textables to make sure all your bases are covered! 



Pop-bys are little gifts you leave when you canvas your geo farm or visit the homes around your new listing. 

In the summer, for example, you could leave a mini pack of Red Hots candies with a branded pop-by tag that says “The summer housing market is Red Hot!” Or, during the holidays, you could take wrapping paper to your clients from the past year with a holiday pop-by tag saying “Thank you for helping wrap up a great year of serving you and your referrals!”



REALTORS are heavily invested in their communities. And sponsoring a community project gives you a great opportunity to help your community while marketing your real estate business. 

There are so many different ways to help your local community. You could:

  • Contribute to the uniforms for a local kid’s sports team. In most cases, the sponsor’s logo appears on the uniforms as a thank-you.
  • Organize a neighborhood clean-up event. Have branded tee-shirts made for all the volunteers.
  • Launch a Home Maintenance Helpers organization to help elderly or disabled homeowners manage all the little home maintenance tasks that need to be completed regularly (like lawn care, changing smoke detector batteries, or replacing light bulbs). 

Your business brand will become synonymous with community service!



Real estate is a complex subject. And you can teach locals what they need to know to be successful in real estate through a workshop or seminar. Here are a few ideas:

  • First-Time Buyer Bootcamp
  • Home Seller’s Staging Workshop
  • Real Estate Investors Seminar

Not only will you be providing real value to members of your community, but you’ll also be making contact with potential clients. And you’ll be seen as a trusted real estate expert by virtue of your status as the leader of the seminar. And, with the real estate guides available from Pinkpops, you’ll have a ready-to-roll lesson plan and a professional handout for all your attendees.



Blogging is one of the most underrated methods of marketing in the real estate world. But marketers in other industries recognize that blogging can help your website get up to 55% more visitors! That means free buyer and seller leads that come to you round-the-clock.

This works because search engines like Google index all the content on your website regularly. The more content you offer, the more you show Google that your website is active and relevant. So regular blogging gives Google consistent content to index. And this allows Google to show your site in people’s search results when they search for real estate-related terms!

Starting a real estate blog is easy. So don’t wait another day to take advantage of this unique marketing idea for REALTORS! 



Pinkpops Design has marketing materials to assist with all your marketing ideas for REALTORS. The items in our shop will save you time and provide a polished experience for your clients and prospects. 

Happy marketing! 

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